Top 5 Mud Terrain Tires

by Tire Agent Staff

Mud terrain tires come into play when you really need a tire that you can depend on in the extreme, deep mud, dirt, rock and sand filled terrains. Mud terrain tires are built for aggressive dirt and mud, providing stability and durability throughout your rugged adventures. These tires are meant for the serious off-road enthusiast, proving there are no limits when it comes to ultimate adventure!


Top 5 All Terrain Tires

by Tire Agent Staff

All terrain tires are designed for light off-roading as well as everyday highway and street use. With tread design that allows for durability on rocks and mud, you will get a smooth and comfortable pavement drive as well. All terrain tires are best for those looking for a tire that can handle everyday roads as well as driving on sand, light gravel, mud and snow.


Atturo Tires | Tire Buying Guide

by Tire Agent Staff

Atturo, known for their SUV, crossover and light truck tires offer aggressive style tires at an affordable price. Their impressive line of tires include all terrain tires, mud tires, performance tires, winter tires and many more.


Mickey Thompson | Tire Buying Guide

by Tire Agent Staff

Mickey Thompson tires are known for their aggressive all terrain and mud tires. Their extensive line of all terrain, mud terrain, and “hybrid” tires are built to last. With high quality tread design, off-road capabilities, and superior construction and technology, these tires are great when it comes to extreme off-roading.


Best All Season Tires for a Nissan Altima

by Tire Agent Staff

All season tires offer versatility in various weather conditions. For the Nissan Altima driver looking for tires that can handle the weather of all four seasons, Tire Agent has taken the time to pick the best all season tires for you. Whether you are on a budget or looking for a premium name-brand tire, there’s a great choice for all Nissan Altima drivers.


The 5 Best High Mileage Tires for a Honda CR-V

by Tire Agent Staff

Prepare your Honda CR-V for the long haul with high mileage tires that are right for you! With tires that have up to a 90,000 treadwear mileage warranty, the best high mileage tires are listed here. The experts at Tire Agent have hand picked the top 5 high mileage tires just for Honda CR-V drivers.


The Best Fuel Efficient Tires for a Honda CR-V

by Tire Agent Staff

Fuel efficient tires are great for those looking to save at the gas pump and reduce their ecological footprint. With fuel efficient tires now flooding the market, it’s important to know which ones are best for you. For the Honda CR-V driver, we’ve listed the best of the best when it comes to fuel economy tires.


Top 5 high mileage tires for a nissan altima

by Tire Agent Staff

When it comes to getting the most out of your tires, high mileage is an important factor. This list contains the top 5 high mileage tires for your Nissan Altima, with the minimum of a 70,000 treadwear mileage warranty. The tires mentioned below have made the cut for providing the most comfortable and quietest ride, along with the main focus- high mileage!


The best all season tires for a honda civic

by Tire Agent Staff

All season tires have a versatile tread design that can handle various weather conditions. On local and highway roads, all season tires perform great on the pavement. They provide great traction in dry and rainy conditions, and can even handle light snow.


What are the numbers on the side of my tires?

by Tire Agent Staff

Tires have several numbers and symbols that are located on the sidewall and they can be a little confusing. Here we explain what each number and symbol means, where you will find them, and we breakdown other key elements for you to know about your tires!