Our Story

4 Pillars of Tire Agent

Customer Satisfaction


Great Pricing

Tire Expertise

Our Mission

To offer customers the best tire replacement experience at a great price.

Changing The Tire Industry

Introducing the future of purchasing and replacing tires. Our unique low cost business model helps pass along the savings to the customer. We’veĀ  created a culture where our staff is highly educated in the products we sell and where customer satisfaction is our top priority.

No longer do customers have to go to a retail brick and mortar tire store, car dealership, or local garage and take time out of their busy day. Tire Agent has created a business that not only provides great pricing, but also creates great value by offering white glove service at no extra charge.

We know the last thing you want to do is sit in a waiting room, so let us come to you to change your tires while you are at work, relaxing in the comfort of your home, or at the local shopping center buying groceries. Buying tires with Tire Agent is how it should be, painless and easy.

Our History

Tire Agent was founded by 31 year old Jared Kugel, a tire industry veteran for more than a decade. He has tires in his blood, since his family owned tire distribution centers and retail stores. Jared saw how traditional tire stores didn’t care to change the customer purchasing and installing experience. He believed people should be educated about the tires they purchase, receive top notch care, and have it done at their convenience of their home or work or anywhere else.

He realized that a technology driven business is how this dream would be accomplished. Today, consumers have a smooth e-commerce experience that translates to a full service on-site and friendly replacement experience.

Tire Agent is now growing rapidly and has aspirations to expand throughout the USA within a few short years.

Leadership Team

Jared Kugel


Jared Kugel is the visionary that has been in the tire industry since he was first born. He comes from a family that has owned tire distribution centers and retail stores for decades. He prides himself on his product knowledge and industry expertise. Spending the past 11 years in tire distribution he realized the pain points that consumers face and envisioned a company that makes the customer our top priority.

Robert Ellis

Director of Sales

Robert Ellis' role is to enforce the principles of Tire Agent prides itself on. He grew up in Detroit aka "The Motor City". Growing up in the automotive mecca he gained a love for tires and wheel at a young age. He has become a tire aficionado and loves educating customers on the features and warranties they come with. Robert believes that the customer experience and satisfaction are the backbone to any successful business.

Kelly Tan

Social Media Manager

Kelly is a passionate digital marketer and a beauty enthusiast. She has a Bachelor Degree in Multimedia (Business Marketing) from Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia. Her passion in the digital industry for the past 13 years has led her to constantly be innovative in providing great digital solutions. During her spare time, she enjoys working on a mini project with her father; restoring an Aston Martin DB6.


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